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About Craig

Over the past 30 years, I've lived a dual life.

Silicon & Steel

Matter and anti-matter. The inner and outer universe. Software engineering and strength training. Maybe the same thing. I'll let you decide.

The lessons I've learned in the software engineering world have applied in my strength and conditioning realm as well—and vice-versa. Consistency, hard work, passion, dedication, planning, and analysis are concepts that apply to all aspects of life. Be a lifetime learner. Stay hungry. Do not go quietly into the night.

That's me in a nutshell.

Software Engineering

I'm a professional software engineer with more than 30 years of experience designing and developing desktop, mobile and web software for commercial, enterprise and government clients. I specialize in developing accessible, effective design systems and user interfaces, resulting in significant cost savings, and improved user experiences for everyone. With a focus on open standards and universal accessibility, I ensure software and web-based applications can be utilized by users with varying levels of ability on the widest array of platforms.

My goal, as always, is to design and build insanely great software that you can see, hear and feel.

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Strength & Fitness

I've also been an avid and respected authority in the fitness field for more than 30 years, publishing four books and numerous software titles, speaking at seminars, and training amateur and professional athletes. I'm a member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association, current national powerlifting record holder in the power curl and strict curl, and hold a device patent in the exercise field.

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A Tradition of Excellence


  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Bachelors Degrees in Computer Science, Economics, and Business Administration
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration / Information Systems

Software Engineering

  • Author of Designing in the Browser
  • Northrop Grumman 3x Innovator of the Year
  • Northrop Grumman SPARK Innovation Award
  • Lockheed Martin Mission Success Award
  • Lockheed Martin Performance Excellence Award
  • Lockheed Martin CMMI Level 3 Star Performer Award
  • Lockheed Martin 3x Lightning Award Winner
  • Social Security Administration Commissioner's Award
  • SSA Associate Commissioner's Honor Award

Strength & Fitness

  • USAPC 3x National Powerlifting Record Holder
  • Acclaimed Fitness Book Author (read the reviews!)
  • U.S. Exercise Device Patent Inventor
  • McDaniel College Senior Athletic Award

What Others Have Said

Nick Owens, Director of UX at Peraton (Baltimore)

Craig has strong relationships internally and with the customer that allows him to challenge their thinking and suggest improvements that leverage best practices and best serve the final outcome. He has shown expertise in all areas of UX but also leadership. Through direct feedback from several staff members, his guidance has had a strong positive impact on our team continues to create a positive work environment where people feel engaged. Overall, he is one of our most reliable and top performers who has shown to be an excellent team player that goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is not only happy but also engaged and supported in their work.

Kathi Kohlmeyer, Director of UX at Northrop Grumman (retired)

Craig's professional values are exemplary. He not only models his values, he shows others on a daily basis how to do the same. His work ethic is hard to believe, and he is able to accomplish more in one day than most people over the course of a week. Craig's imagination is one of his strengths, and he is very capable of identifying a problem, thinking of various solutions, and then working with other team members in identifying the best solution and then acting on it.

Jaclyn Urlahs, UX Designer/Technical Lead at the Social Security Administration

Craig is, by far, the best mentor and technical lead I have worked with. His knowledge base and experience, in all aspects of front-end engineering far exceed those of his fellow colleagues. Craig is routinely used as a knowledgeable resource to those on the application teams throughout the Social Security Administration organization. He consistently strives to provide improvements and enhancements to the already top-notch quality products he produces for the customer – going above and beyond what is expected of him. I recognize and respect him as an expert and a leader in his field – one that you should follow, if you can keep up with him that is.

Lester Jones, Senior System Usability Engineer at Peraton

Craig is the rare breed of developer that has an amazing grasp of user centered design. He had been a mentor of mine at Northrop Grumman and has guided me through many difficult design quandaries. Craig is also a strong advocate of open source technology and has brought many of those innovations to our workflow. Craig is a big picture thinker. His institutional memory and passion for our work make him an invaluable asset.

Scott Taylor, Financial Advisor at Mass Mutual

Craig's passion is working out, he has routinely followed a strict regime for over 30 years, and the results are apparent. I trained with Craig upon graduating from college. At the time, my muscles were depleted from an intense season of wrestling and cutting weight. In the three years following that, I trained with Craig and achieved my highest level of fitness and muscle mass. I recommend Craig and his book, Supermen, to anyone who needs guidance at the gym, especially for "ex" athletes looking to recapture their former physical self.

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