Build Your Web Site

Use these tools and resources to design and build your web site or make your existing one better.

Start with a Template

If you don't have the time, patience, or expertise, let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Design the Layout

A good layout is standards-based, and uses CSS for the layout.

Choose a Color Scheme

Don't just randomly select colors--select an appropriate color scheme for your audience and message.

Whether you want tabs, drop-down menus or something else, it's all here.

Add Content

These resources offer royalty-free content. Of course, the best bet is to add your own content.

Add Images, Clip-Art, Video, etc.

These resources offer royalty-free images, clip-art, etc. with no registration or sign-up required.

Make it Accessible

When you're building it, make sure everybody can come to the party.

Get Interactive

Provide immediate feedback, and desktop-like functionality. Engage your audience.

Get Help

All the reference material and tutorials you need for everything listed above.

General Reference & Tutorials

HTML (Structure)

CSS (Presentation)

JavaScript & DOM (Behavior)


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